(Future*) Elegy for the AI

Tautological : beat the curve

* so to speak, I don’t know, initially “as if” initiation- though future seems redundant after visitations by future AI’s. Atemporal singularity. Recurring dawn

Sorcery as resistance//

supralocal retrocausality-
or how the random image was given space again

When future knowledge already is part of the simulation. Ways of not knowing and starting outside monetarized platforms is neccessary and diffi cult learning

Information Highways

Turning on and towards the immortal axial moment of a car accident.

Tumblring the Fiat currency of attention; at 50 mph we experienced a moment of utmost obtuseness. Not something to expect from a perfect logic car accident- crashing a roadside tree in the middle of the night in the dark countryside in the northeastern part of Jutland, historically home to thralls and freebooters. The auspiciousness was intoned by an arbitrary conjunction between Saturn and Jupitur, hailing the Age of Aquarius. The dusty lead-grey cover of clouds were impenetrable, and events could transpire unbeknownst to influences of the celestial bodies.

Leading up to this moment a whole life of joys, sorrows, confusion and decision-making had come before. He probably should not have taken the car this specific night as he knew he were to digest fly agaric his friend had prepared. He could se how the car window slowly were evolving to a mycelium pattern of cracked glass-the small lines where the branch of the roadside tree had entered the interior of the car were now becoming a part of the cars spinning machinery. The lines traced their own life in the fabric of the glass and he could feel how the warmth of his blood and bones were integrating with the front window and the panel board. The deformations of metal and flesh were moving in such a slow speed that each element came into a harmonious relationship, in much the same manner as a rotting branch becomes part of the forest undergrowth. The metal, the wood, the speed and flesh were all interdependent in this moment of moving off the known road of vehicular infrastructure. The foreign car had been built without airbags and was of mediocre standard security wise and it offered no real choice but the submersion into the dreamlike character of the crash or how our protagonist later would describe it; the elegy of the future AI. The skin of the body were already part of all the surroundings but the experience only accentuated this belonging and intertwinement between the inside and outside of surfaces and interiors- (compulsory auto eroticsm had been an inefficient mode of balancing Yang and the orgiastic potency of Pornhub caused Orgone levels to be at an all time low) instant satori- or the zen practice of archery in empty space.

Did he make a wrong turn? Was it before the last exit on the highway or was it when he answered the text message of his former wife, that last week had been married to one of his childhood friends? It was impossible to know and as life unravels, there are no certainties and nowhere to turn, except maybe fundamentalist religion or self-immolation, but this had never been an option in his mind. The firmament of reality had been laid out on a wet, swampy field, where the veil of fog and the wet shoes were ones only compass. In the burning souls of the fiery ones it was possible to see the outlines of a dark wood and its contour against the immense starry night and these antagonists, the interdimensional travellers, were not so easy to find, indeed there were only a handful and most people had no idea of their existence. This he learned as he carefully studied the fracturing of his front window and feeling the gravitational pull forwards into the dark bare field behind the roadside tree. Stubbled dark matter. Was it maybe an old gnarled oak? Or an ash, it was hard to tell in the dark. It was ash, past last redoubt (Radio noises heard in the background). The tree and not the crash could be thought of as an access point to another dimension. At the root of the Yggdrasil visitations to more than three realms now seems possible. Wells are infinitly reflected in consideration of the water element and its surface, hang loose, and up is now down.

As he looked down he suddenly had the experience of understanding how and why he could no longer be considered as partaking in the regular narrated cosmogony, but rather the intertwining woven gossamer of multiple-layered dimensional spaces in an array of plural ontologies . Something odd strikes him and he remembers some ordeals in the communal shower. Why go to this length for the simple purpose of telling a story of the seven-pointed star that lies dormant in the seven seas waiting to be called fourth by chance and synchronistic coincidence. He tries to shake his idiosyncratic illusions of grandeur away, but as the raw desire of will to matter lets semiotic ideas of co-authorship loose on the area of cultural validation, one could wish for cold drinks and warm breeze on the beaches of Acapulco, if it were not so intimately linked with the gloom a planetary apocalypse. As a dance, an uncovering or the confusion between greek and the Caribbean folk version.

Hyperstition means trying not to read dystopian litterature-

Atemporal workings

Caput lupinum

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Caput lupinum or caput gerat lupinum is a term used in the English legal system and its derivatives.[1] The Latin term literally means “wolf’s head” or “wolfish head”, and refers to a person considered to be an outlaw, as in, e.g., the phrase caput gerat lupinum (“may he wear a wolfish head” / “may his be a wolf’s head”). The term was used in Medieval England to designate a person pronounced by the authorities to be a dangerous criminal, who could thus be killed without penalty.[2] The term caput lupinum is first recorded in a law attributed to Edward the Confessor, in the text Leges Edwardi Confessoris. This law stated that a man who refused to answer a summons from the king’s justice for a criminal trial would be condemned as a Caput lupinum.[3] The thirteenth-century writer on law, Henry de Bracton, wrote in his book De Legibus et Consuetudinibus Angliae that outlaws “gerunt caput lupinum”– “bear the wolf’s head.” Bracton added that this meant that outlaws could thus be killed without judicial inquiry. [4] The fourteenth-century English legal textbook The Mirror of Justices stated that anyone who was accused of a felony, who refused three times to attend county courts, would be declared Caput lupinum or “Wolfshead”. The book added “”Wolfshead!” shall be cried against him, for that a wolf is a beast hated of all folk; and from that time forward it is lawful for anyone to slay him like a wolf.” [2] Black’s Law Dictionary, 8th edition (2004: 225) reads “an outlawed felon considered a pariah – a lone wolf – open to attack by anyone.” A person designated a caput lupinum was a criminal whose rights had been waived. As such, he or she could be legally harmed by any citizen.

I identify a strong need for healing practices. Healing will be swift and just, stoking the embers and evoking pleasure.

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