A Place in the Shade

A Place in the Shade are a work that reflects some of my thoughts on garden and gardening traditions. In the planned space of the garden, where you impose a certain order on nature and nuture and cultivate specific traits, I have tried to impose my own space A Place in the Shade.

A similar planned space is the vitrine, where also an ideal space, where history of i.e. the artifacts placede herein make up a certain narrative often on history. In my own space behind the demarcations of the glass the I have curated a space that is trying to be in stark contrast to the often mausoleum like displays often encountered in museums.

On display is two seedlings of the San Pedro cactus in a clay vessel. These living plants, nourished by the artificial LED growth lights, open up to another inner space, namely the one brought on by the digestion of a preparation of these hallucinogenic cactus containing mescaline. Bathing in the light of the LED growth light is a bronze sculpture, very much like an explorer of inner spaces. The colour of the glass is partially blocking out the natural sunlight and instead this space relies on artificial light and enlightenment.