At dusk

Broken Display of Longing, 2019
135x80x180 cm, iron, dark glass, collage on stainless steel, plaster, bronze, aluminium, LED light,
Heavenly Blue Morning Glory plant
Installation view at Spirefestival, DK.

Through a Dark Glass, 2018
50x50x173 cm, iron, dark glass, unfired clay, wax, bronze, dried poppy flower, book cut out
Installation view from the exhibition Notes on Darkness at SixtyEight Art Institue, DK.

Stages of Uncertainty

Stages of Uncertainty, 2018
CNC-milled plinths, bronze
Installation view from the exhibition Epifyt at Cobra Rummet, DK


COMPOST, installation view, Eks-rummet, 2018


Motions History

Motion history, 2017
Collage on paper, watercolour, pen
Installation view On The Thresholds of Knowledge, Kungshuset



Katabasis 2016.
Installation view, OK Corral, DK



Clay molded in the dark, table top, signal paint
Installation view TRANSFORMATIONER, Kunsthal Ulys



Mantic Conjuctions2015
Installation at Malmø Art Museum. A combination of  my personal collection and artworks and a selection of pieces from the collection of Malmø Art Museum.



Fossil Memories, 2015
Installation at KHM gallery in Malmø. MFA Degree Show.


Installation view

Chronotope, 2016.
Installation view [UDEN TITEL 16], Kunsthal Nord



Trofæ #1, 2018
29×59 cm, discarded shelf, epoxy resin, copper, Rorschach, collage, guitar wall hanger



Havblik og Kommunal Poetik (Ocean View and the Poetics of the Municipality), 2017.
Installation view, KUNSTHAL ved siden af



Undated Longing, 2016.
Detail view
Triceratops model, sky study by Christen Dalsgaard


Den Hvide Doktor, 2014

Installation at Brandts 13. A combination of  my personal collection and artworks and a selection of pieces from the stone-axe collection of the White Doctor (A.F. Lassen).



Walking in my own footsteeps in Greece and encountering a Trojan Shield depicting a Seven Toed Lion in the Delphi Museum, 2014. Plaster, b/w print on yellow draft paper


L1024653 kopi

Concealing Mystic Truths, 2009
Bamboo from botanical garden, buoy signal paint, Faroese sheep skin



Franken Grosser, 2013
Collage on paper, watercolour, pen



The Sleeping Prophet, 2015
Collage on paper, watercolour, pen. 90 x 70 cm.



Strategies of Defense, 2015.
Collage on paper, watercolour, pen, graphite. 70 x 90 cm.


Pygmalion vs. Golem
2015.Collage on paper, watercolour


poster and bronze crystal kopi

Crystalline, 2014.
Bronze cast and negative poster print of quartz crystal



Fallen from the Sky, 2012
Stone, signal paint



Semiotics of the Unknown, 2013
Ink on paper


Reiteration of Past Utopia

Iteration of Past Utopia, 2013
B/W print of oil crayon drawing, clay vessel, San Pedro cactus



A Window Exhibition for the Unification of the World, 2011
Print of chalk crayon drawing, clay vessel, San Pedro cactus



Totem and Taboo ,2012
Plywood, B/W digital print, felt, bronze figurine



Not Titled Yet, 2012
Three x-ray panels mounted on wall



Expanded Note, 2014
Lambda print



Offset and sporeprint, 2015
Life Magazine revealing hidden mushroom cult, spore print


_MG_8369 mindre

Whitening, 2014



Ceramic Tablet (un-up-dated), 2016



Konstrukt, detail, 2016.
Steel, concrete, spray polyurethane foam, parrot feather



LIMBO, 2018
Installation view Limbo, Mellemrummet



Vitrine with Boomerang, 2010.
Cardboard, plexiglass, boomerang.

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