Compost, duo Exhibition with Daniel Seferian Spies in Eks-Rummet.

The project COMPOST is based on the phenomenon of ‘the garden’ and was presented as an installation with collective as well as individual works in Eks-Rummet.

The exhibition will show new works, cultivated during a longer period in relation to the exhibition title COMPOST, alluding to a compositional and theoretical approach, as much as tangible process in a circular system of decay and nourishment, decomposition and creation.

A dense and odorous atmosphere, illumined by sunken violet growth-lights. Garden tools and paraphernalia stands about, marking the threshold between the gardener’s hand and the earth, plants and beings, that make up the garden’s spirit. Fragments of a toolshed, the cemetery’s waste piles, a darkened greenhouse and the everyday escapism of allotments.

When we enter ’the garden’ we access another realm, we move and are moved by its systems and are met by its agents. Here we find our place on conditions of the garden. Like the body’s intestines, so too is the compost a digestive system, with its pantheon of worms, bacteria and other microorganisms. In all its rottenness and fertility, fermentation and nutrition, we find the compost as a vital organ in the garden—and as an ideal of our exhibition.

1COMPOST_Installationview_1 2COMPOST_Installationview_25COMPOST_Stifinder, 2018_1, ChristianBangJensen  11COMPOST_Monitor, 2018, ChristianBangJensen 12COMPOST_Agentry, 2018, DanielSeferianSpies  10COMPOST_Trofæ #1, 2018, ChristianBangJensen  8COMPOST_Spawn_Detail, DanielSeferianSpies 7COMPOST_Spawn, 2018 DanielSeferianSpies9COMPOST_Spawn_Detail, DanielSeferianSpies 6COMPOST_Stifinder, 2018_2, ChristianBangJensen  4COMPOST_Transplant, 2018DanielSeferianSpies 3COMPOST_Graft, 2018DanielSeferianSpies