Sometimes They Come Back

Based on a title that takes its name from the 1991 TV adaptation of a Stephen King novel, Sometimes They Come Back revolves around memory and recollection. In the novel, a schoolteacher returns to his childhood town, which contains tragic memories of his brother’s murder, and the past comes back to life to haunt the protagonist. The exhibition is made in my childhood town of Sæby in Northern Jutland.

I made a series of small bronze figurines for the installation Dredging the Arcadian Dawn based on my childhood monster toys. I have an interest in working with imagery which is closely connected to my own experiences of animating toys and imagining them possessing an agency. The Arcadian Dawn can be seen as the notion of childhood as a blissful state without challenges, an almost paradisiacal state out of time. By dredging this state, which means mechanically and without regard for the environment excavating this notion of childhood, all is laid bare, disenchanted and seen as base material.

Installation view of Dredging The Arcadian Dawn

“Draug” (2020) Pencil on paper
Amber Eye (2020) Bronze, amber