Bronze mounted on stone,
Sculpture triennial ‘SkulpturOdense21′, Hollufgård Skulpturpark, Odense, Denmark

A sculpture made as a mediator between different worlds. It is inspired by both folklore, esotericism and mainly popular culture, in contrast to the traditional use of bronze for a gargoyle or monster like creature. It is mounted on the stones from a decommisioned public sculpture. The spine of the Dweller is cast from neolithic stone axes from the former collection of Joakim Skovgaard (1856-1933), a Danish painter, who also designed public fountains often with animals and dragons.

The sculpture is very influenced by the context of Hollufgård Sculpture Park. I cast it in their relative small foundry, together with the caster who learned to do my own bronzecastings. In this context it was a fairly large and complex sculpture. I also did the welding of the different pieces together to one single sculpture. The specific bronze used was a donation from the wife of deceased sculptor. The placement is just in front of three sick ash-trees, with long and gnarly branches, which served as reference when modelling the arms of the The Dweller on the Threshold.

The Dweller on the Threshold is a figure in esotericism and in Rudolf’s Steiners play of the same name. The aspiring student of the spiritual, who wishes to advance their learning, must confront their Dweller first. Historical examples of such an entity includes Cerberus, the snake in the Garden of Eden, the dragon from the legend of Saint George and Dragon. These characters in various ways represents some aspect of materiel evil or barrier which must be overcome. For me this barrier was many of the challenges posed by the laborious aspect of making and casting the sculpture.