Bronze mounted on stone,
Sculpture triennial ‘SkulpturOdense21′, Hollufgård Skulpturpark, Odense, Denmark

A sculpture made as a mediator between different worlds. It is inspired by both folklore, esortericism and mainly popular culture, in contrast to the traditional use of bronze for a gargoyle like creature. It is mounted on the stones from a decommisioned public sculpture. The spine of the Dweller is cast from neolithic stone axes from the former collection of Joakim Skovgaard (1856-1933), a Danish painter, who also designed public fountains often with animals and dragons.

The sculpture is very influenced by the context of Hollufgård Sculpture Park. I cast it in their relative small foundry, together with artist who learned to do my own bronzecastings, also being a large and complex sculpture in the context of their workshops. I also made the weldings of the different pieces together to one single sculpture. The specific bronze used was a donation from the wife of deceased sculptor. The placement is just in front of three sick ash-trees, with long and gnarly branches which served for reference when modelling the arms of the The Dweller on the Threshold.